About The Brand

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “deviant” as “departing from usual or accepted standards” and originating from the late middle English “turning out of the way”, from the verb deviare.

This is Deviant Apparel and welcome to our website, we’d like to start by saying thank you for having taken the time to come to our website and check us out.

We’d like to think that as a lifestyle brand we are somewhat like the definition of the word deviant. Where we strive to distinguish ourselves from other brands by raising ourselves above accepted standards.

The brand itself was founded in 2014, with the aim of producing a lifestyle brand that our customers can see we as a brand have invested ourselves into. Bringing our customers a unique end product through the utilisation of a collective of creative individuals. Together we aim to design, craft and create unique products.

It would be great to have you along for the journey and to become part of the Deviant Apparel family.

If you have any questions about this page or our website in general, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can do this through our contact page, or by clicking here. Alternatively you could join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram.

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